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The award-winning Colac Herald is Colac and district’s newspaper of choice, overflowing with local news, sport and advertising.

Produced by a dedicated team based in Colac, The Colac Herald arrives each Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the district’s most up-to-date and in-depth news and sports reports, photographs and advertising that’s a proven winner.

The journalism, photography and advertising awards which fill the Herald’s bulging trophy cabinet are proof The Colac Herald is a shining light in regional Victoria’s media industry and guarantees our readers and advertisers get value for their money.

With eye-catching photographs, news stories that focus on issues that matter to Colac and district, sports reports that embrace and acknowledge the achievements of our sportsmen and women, advertising tailored to the market, the region’s best real estate guide and a guaranteed readership, it’s obvious why The Colac Herald is Colac and district’s number one media outlet.


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